Comedian Shane Rogers is delicious when served with a side of fries. He can be paired with both red and white wines, as well as a variety of flavorful tequilas.

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  1. Honestly, I love you. Correction, I love your writing. You are horribly insensitive, profoundly offensive, and I love every post, every paragraph, every word. I dig your writing like an F’n ditch. You have added to my ever-growing list of addictions, falling somewhere between Cheez-It’s and romance novels; both guilty pleasures I tend to indulge in only when I am alone. So now I am not only a closet eater and a porn addict, I am a blogsite stalker. Thanks for nothing. Expect my bill statement for my shrink in a few days.

  2. Interesting thoughts. I saw your profile and I must say you have an amazing body. I am a real person if you ever want to talk. Happy Thanksgiving!

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