Episode 14 – Amy Baldwin from Pure Pleasure

Amy Baldwin is co-owner of the mother/daughter sex shop Pure Pleasure in Santa Cruz. Never heard of a mother/daughter sex shop? Listen for details. Amy joins us in the bedroom/studio for an uncensored chat about sex toys, anal, and the miracle of lube.

Episode 7 – Chad Opitz

Things you probably already know about up-and-coming Santa Cruz comedian Chad Opitz:

1. He’s damn funny.

2. He manages a movie theater.

Things you probably didn’t know about up-and-coming Santa Cruz comedian Chad Opitz:

1. He sang opera in college.

2. He’s a filthy pervert.

Plus: Noah and Shane talk hypnosis. Fun episode. Happy Holidays!

Episode 8 – Mean Dave, Liz Stone, Jesus Cruz

On this supersized episode of the S&G P: Mean Dave, Liz Stone, and Jesus Cruz give us an inside look at the challenges and rewards of running a comedy room. And Noah is too cool to crap his pants.

Also, Noah and Shane discuss Last Comic Standing, the SC Comedy Festival, Amy Schumergate, Brian Regan live, and more.

Episode 6 – Ben Switzer

If you’re a comedian in California, you’ve probably wondered about the fabled New York comedy scene. Are comics funnier on the East Coast? Do you have to be more aggressive on stage to succeed in NY? Do New Yorkers laugh at weed jokes?

We caught NY comedian (and former CA native) Ben Switzer opening for Kyle Kinane at the Crepe Place in Santa Cruz, and lured him back to the studio/bedroom with the promise of unlimited Moscow Mules. In this hour-long episode, Switzer gives us the 411 on the 212, and provides a roadmap for navigating the brutal NY comedy scene.

Also, Noah and I dissect Madonna’s standup comedy debut, and bitch about the Apple Watch.