Episode 6 – Ben Switzer

If you’re a comedian in California, you’ve probably wondered about the fabled New York comedy scene. Are comics funnier on the East Coast? Do you have to be more aggressive on stage to succeed in NY? Do New Yorkers laugh at weed jokes?

We caught NY comedian (and former CA native) Ben Switzer opening for Kyle Kinane at the Crepe Place in Santa Cruz, and lured him back to the studio/bedroom with the promise of unlimited Moscow Mules. In this hour-long episode, Switzer gives us the 411 on the 212, and provides a roadmap for navigating the brutal NY comedy scene.

Also, Noah and I dissect Madonna’s standup comedy debut, and bitch about the Apple Watch.

Episode 5 – Amy Shank

Aspiring comedian Amy Shank doesn’t shy away from sexuality, as evidenced by her recent performance in an erotic variety-show that just completed its successful tenth year in Santa Cruz. “What is Erotic” is an extravaganza of sex-positive performance art featuring dancers, gymnasts, musicians, and poets, all of whom take turns exploring sexuality from their own unique perspective.

In this hourlong chat we get the inside scoop on Amy’s show, discuss sexual fantasies, and Noah whines like a pansy. Finally, we call out a terrible comic. (COMEDY BEEF…WOOT!)

Episode 4 – Alicia Madrigal

Disclaimer: We’re idiots. You probably already knew that, but if you didn’t, you’ll know it by the end of this episode.

In episode 4 of the Shane and Gain podcast we spout off about transgender folk and the LGBT community, and some of our well-intentioned commentary may come across as insensitive. That’s what happens when straight males try to navigate touchy subjects like gender-identification and non-hetero sexuality. If you’re easily offended, this isn’t the episode for you. (Also for the hyper-sensitive: avoid episode one. Or maybe just skip this podcast altogether, pansy.)

Anyway, we have an awesome guest in the studio/bedroom. Alicia Madrigal never intended to be a comic, but sometimes life chooses your path. Throughout almost a decade in the industry she’s worked with such high profile comedians as Felipe Esparza, Alex Reymundo, and Willie Barcena among other established acts. You’ll hear how she got her start, what it’s like to be a female comedian in a male-dominated field, and how she deals with creepy fans. Also, Shane repeatedly butchers her name, and offers his theory about the Superbowl.

Episode 3 – The Blue Lagoonies Band

In this Santa Cruz-themed episode, Alex and Elijah of the Blue Lagoonies Band explain what it feels like for a couple of non-comedians to watch comics bomb every week. Also, we learn about the breakup of their previous band, and the bad blood that endures. DRAMA. Yessssss.

Note: If you’re a comedian in SC, or in any way associated with the Blue Lagoon, odds are you get a shout-out in this episode. Yay you!

Episode 1 – Shane Rogers, Noah Gain, and Cassidy Wren-Munn

Hair restoration treatments are discussed. Dating sites, Bumble, what makes a good dating profile. Noah hosted his first weekend at the San Jose Improv. Shane is hosting at Rooster T Feathers in January. Shane shows Noah an erotic short film. Cassidy joins the show and eats moonshine cherries while recounting a story of the time he slapped a girl in the face.

The Truth about Anal Sex

Anal sex is super trendy right now. Among heterosexual couples it used to be a novelty, edgy and unique, the indie rock of sexual activities. But just like indie rock, it’s gone mainstream. Your friends are doing it, politicians are doing it. Statistically, there’s a 74% chance that your parents are having anal sex at this very moment. Don’t kill the messenger.

So what’s the appeal? I mean, look, if you’re a gay male, I totally get it. You have one-third fewer orifices to choose from, so you might as well use them all. That’s just common sense. But I think we can agree that Mother Nature has done an excellent job with the vagina. If you have access to one, there just isn’t a compelling reason to stray. I’ve never thought to myself mid-coitus, wow, I’m really enjoying this bout of vigorous vaginal intercourse…except…well, I really wish I had a filthier, stinkier hole in which to insert my clean penis.

Why are we all abandoning the trusty vulva? To be fair, the fact that you ladies hemorrhage from your crotch every month is off-putting, I’ll be honest. Actually, it’s like, slasher-film level creepy. But otherwise…woot!

To each his/her own. No judgment. If you have a hankering for anus, knock yourself out. But as for me: vaginas ftw.

The Truth about Icy Hot


Icy Hot doesn’t cure pain, it just spreads the discomfort over a larger area, making the source of the pain more difficult to distinguish. It’s a redistributor of pain, the socialism of medications. Using Icy Hot is like punching yourself in the face to distract from a stomach ache.

Tangent: Balls


This person has ’em.

The proprietor of the pictured establishment didn’t care to invest in a fancy building or amenities. He couldn’t be bothered with luxuries like payroll or products. All he needed was a hose and a dream.

Here’s to you, lazy entrepreneur. Charging me to wash my own dog takes monster balls.

Incidentally, someone should totally copy this business model. Feel free to start charging people whenever they use the following services: